Composites in the form of plates with dimensions of 80 × 150 mm and a thickness of 7-8 mm. Larger forms are available in the "On order" tab.

How to work with our composites?

How to work with our composites?

Working with our composites may be a bit tricky for beginners. We decided to write down some tips, how to make your work easier.

Bandsaws or jigsaws with HSS blades (for metal) are best for cutting our laminates.

We recommend the use of belt grinders or manual grinding with sandpaper. For rough grinding, gradations from p60 to p240 are sufficient. Pay attention to the fact that the sandpaper or sander belts are sharp and not clogged, it significantly improves the efficiency and comfort of work. It should be remembered that after sanding with low gradations (p40-p80) it is good to remove some material with a p120 belt or higher, Low gradations can tear the resin from between the fibers, causing pores on the sanding surface. Overheating of the material due to friction should be avoided.

Depending on the expected effect, our composites can be finished in several ways. To smooth the surface, get rid of scratches and mossy texture, the laminate should be sanded at least to p400 grit. From p240 gradation upwards, you can try wet sanding with dedicated papers. If we want to obtain an even smoother surface, it is good to sand the finished detail to p1000 or p2000 grit. If the effect is still not satisfactory, you can use polishing paste. We also encourage you to experiment with sandblasting or glass beads blasting our materials, it can significantly improve the grip of the knife handle. 

After finishing the grinding of the detail and possible polishing, the surface should be washed with a sponge with dishwashing liquid. This will remove dust and polishing paste residues. A thin layer of wood oil or linseed varnish can be applied to the dried surface. Several minutes after application, when the oil starts to polymerize, the surface should be polished with a clean cotton cloth. Thanks to this step, the surface of the laminate will acquire a deep clear color.

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